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The complete texts can be downloaded here

(installation, 5 paper stacks A5 – heights 70 cm, 2x 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm –, 13 printed self written text fragments, objects, lighting, measurements: variable)

“Entrance Through Exit and Reverse” is set to dramatic, theatrical lighting. The room is centered by five tall paper-stacks, and scattered around and between these stacks lie small, seemingly coincidental objects. The stacks are constructed from sheets of paper, each containing one of thirteen brief texts or text fragments which can be removed by the visitors. These texts describe what Ludwig refers to as scenes “of psychological and physical eruption”, as well as objects thrown during civil uprisings: “gooey bodies”; things that suffer “from breakdown when shocked”; holes “dug for (…) sitting inside”. Language, usually a medium without body, becomes physical in Ludwig’s work. It is not only intellect, but our own experiences of motion and sound that evokes in us the substance of “sound transported by steps”. The scattered objects, on the other hand, feel more like sketches or side notes. Ludwig calls them just “my things”. Whereas for the artist writing is a conscious act of translating matter or idea into words, sculpting is an instinctual interaction with material.

Realised with kind support of Lecturis Publishing, NL