mixed media installation and performance, measurements: variable

Thirteen Words is a mixed media installation comprising objects, drawings, writing and performance. These elements – all consciously fragmental – form together a stage-like surrounding. The work plays with hierarchies and control, the (dis)connection between objects and representations.

“The viewers are confronted with a number of “artifacts”: stage props, hand puppets and masks. Within this motionless set, a projector beams an endless stream of algorithmically arranged sentences: “Of course, it could be seen differently…”; “How can it be?”; “I told you not to come…” The language does not convey strict meaning, but instead interacts with its surrounding objects to offer an undetermined possibility of narrative. Our human nature disposes us to invent stories connecting our personal experiences with history and the physical world.”

The performance took place in the process of creating the work and made use of the ‘props’ of the installation; a mask and the characters. It turned into the prologue to the final installation

Installation view

Characters (steel, leather, yarn, fabric, plastic), (metal mesh, rubber, fabric, net)

Artifact no 1.1 (wood, cardboard, wire, expanding foam, filler, paint, fittings)

Artifact no 2.1 (styrofoam, paint, rubber, brass, fimo, pin)

Artifact no 1.2 (plaster, stockings, filling, cardboard)

Artifact no 2.2 (textile, hair, filling, zipper)

Artifact no 3.1 from Thirteen Words (brass, yarn, styrofoam), suspended from the ceiling

Artifact no 3.2 (yarn, aluminum, foam)


portraits (2x)

Crash Mats upscaled flat projection of Character’s head, drawing of flat projection

Upholstered steel object, standing against wall